Once upon
a time
there was a Theatrical/Rock & Roll Gypsy who toured the world and lovingly looked after all the spangles, feathers and leather trousers of a variety of troubadours, actors and ne'er-do-wells. There were good times, there were bad times and there were times that are a complete blank, such is life on the road. Anyway one day our Gypsy met her Prince and, as is always the way in Rock & Roll tales, disappeared to live in a country pile and contemplate Eastern forms of spiritualism.

One day a 'Sun-Salutation' too many tipped her over the edge; 'Dear Lord, this is tedious' she thought 'I need something that involves sequins and tulle immediately!'. And so the Rockwife label was born. Hats and accessories to die for; well at least make you want to waft around in some Dry Ice and listen to Meatloaf!